Progress: Portion Control, Exercise, Weight Loss {#Mamavation}

MamavationTonight I’m excited to tell you that I have officially lost a little over 10 pounds. Sure it’s taken me a little over 2 months BUT I’ve lost more inches and smoothed out the unsightly “lady lumps” here and there. Woot Woot!! To some 10 pounds might not seem a lot BUT just carry around 5 pounds of sugar in each arm ALL.DAY.LONG. Gets tiring…

I’m working out in the gym again. I even did 175 crunches the other day and 30 push-ups. Woot Woot!! And boy do I still feel the effects of that workout the other day! But man…it feels great!! I finally bumped myself up to 3.0 incline and 3.5mph for 30minutes. For me, that’s progress. We even bought Just Dance 2 and boy is that fun! Not only is it fun but it’s definitely a workout that will have you sweating in a fun way! Great for the ENTIRE family or for a gathering of friends.

I’m still doing Weight Watchers but I’m more on an “improvised” version of the Points Plus plan. I’m not tracking as strictly but my portion control is definitely under control and I actually enjoy foods more now. Not that I didn’t enjoy food before but I found that I was going over board and feeling horrible psychologically and physically afterward. In the beginning I was using measuring cups, spoons, and plate sizes to help me with portion control. Now I’m happy eating just a serving size of something no matter how yummy and this time I have no guilt. And honestly, I’m learning to recognize when my body is full. Often it’s much sooner than I thought before and I usually have much left over for another meal. Eating salads before my meal has also helped me tremendously with eating healthier portions of foods. This works for me and in the long run what I think will work best. I’m definitely eating more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. And happily my family is following suit.

What about you? Do you have portion control or exercise secrets or tips? Please share!


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  • MrsFatass

    Congrats on the loss! So excited for you! Keep up all the great, healthy work.

  • Tina Kelley

    That’s great!! 10lbs is 10lbs!

    Portion control was a huge hurdle for me to cross as well. I actually got a food scale early on and would weigh out all my food. This helped me a lot! And now I can eyeball the right size portion of protein for dinner.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Virginia Higgins

    Way to go on the loss. As for portion control, I love my food scale!

  • Virginia Higgins

    Way to go on the loss. As for portion control, I love my food scale!