Progress: Portion Control, Exercise, Weight Loss {#Mamavation}

Tonight I’m excited to tell you that I have officially lost a little over 10 pounds. Sure it’s taken me a little over 2 months BUT I’ve lost more inches and smoothed out the unsightly “lady lumps” here and there. Woot Woot!! To some 10 pounds might not seem a lot BUT just carry around […]

Dealing with a Sweet Tooth {#Mamavation Monday}

I have a sweet tooth. There I said it. I admit it. I have a weakness for things that are sweet and/or sour late at night. I used to blame it on my husband who got me into a routine of eating sweet things late at night after the kids went to bed. Why did […]

The jiggles… {#Mamavation Monday}

I just came to a realization. One that sabotages every single effort of weight-loss in the past and one that ALMOST got to me this round while I was sick physically and probably emotionally the past 2 weeks… When I begin to lose the inches, my skin gets softer and of course jigglier in some […]

Motivation starts at home…{#Mamavation Monday}

Question: What motivates you to get going and what keeps you going? My kids are a big motivating factor because I want to have more energy to play with them and want to be around as long as possible to enjoy their big moments in life. I have to be a role model to them. […]

3.8 Pounds DOWN! {#Mamavation Monday}

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, doing the happy dance, shakin’ my tush! Oh the feeling of awesomeness knowing I’m finally losing weight again with my Weight Watchers and exercise program and it SHOWS! In fact…last night DH even said (as I’m bent over the sink brushing my teeth), “Wow, you’re #@% is getting smaller and rounder […]

Exercise and Eat Smart {Mamavation Monday & Review}

What a great week I had health & fitness wise! And you know what? Even though I was having a rough time the week prior and some last week mentally, the feeling I felt after a good workout (yes, folks, I FINALLY went back to the gym after I had stopped last August) was just […]

New Week New Goals…08.29.10

Mamavation Monday Post #1

I’ve been following @bookieboo and some of the other ladies who participate with the Mamavation group for some time. Finally decided to join the group and get some mamavation going while I work harder towards my health and fitness goals. Today I got my approval to join and let me just say I’m PUMPED! Or […]